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This website will be closing on January 15, 2020 please visit:
Kings Manor is proud to welcome you to its new website, which is an ongoing work in progress. We have gone with a new company, new format and easier web management tool to bring the information you need to know right to your fingertips. Several things are different with this new site. Many of the options are available to members only; we want you to register so that you have access to things about our subdivision that outsiders do not. An example might be a law enforcement alert for residents that could be asking for neighborhood input in a way not to tip their hand to a suspect. We might have information about assessment payments that are only germane to our residents; we don't want the general public's comments or input. You can put as little or as much information into your profile as you want, but we see it as another way to get to know your neighbors.
On this home page you will always have 3 quick action access tabs:
  • Contact Us:  you may contact the webmaster, the management company, the patrol officers and the board through this tab with concerns, comments and questions.
  • Board Meetings: information about your HOA board, it's officers and meetings, including minutes of the meetings.
  • Neighborhood News: crime stats, patrol notices about specific incidents in the neighborhood/area that impact you, reminders of subdivision violations, anything that you as a resident might need to know.