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  • How can I pay my annual assessment?
    Property owners in Kings Manor receive their assessment notices in November each year and they are due January 1. A penalty of 10% is added to delinquent accounts on February 1.
    Payment may be made in several ways:
    1. Checks: using the payment coupon attached to your assessment statement,  payment may be sent to 
                  CaBank - Lockbox Dept.
                  PO Box 66572
                  Phoenix, AZ  85082-6572
    2. Credit card payments made be made at this secure site:
                  NOTE: there is a charge for using credit cards.
    3. Echeck payments may be made through this secure site:
                  NOTE: there is no charge for using the echeck system.
  • How do I contact the HOA Board of Directors?
    You may do this in one of two ways:
    • You may contact Terrie Sullivan, the association manager who oversees the daily tasks of managing our community and who is the direct liaison to the Board. Many times she can answer the questions you have. Her number is 281.463.1777. She may also be contacted through the "Contact Us" tab on the home page.
    • If you still feel you need to contact the Board, you may do so through the "Contact Us" tab on the home page.
  • How do I set up a Vacation Watch with Harris County Sheriff's Office?
    Going out of town? Let the Harris County Sheriff’s Office know and we’ll make sure our deputies keep an eye on your home. 

    Just fill out the attached form and return it in person or by fax to your nearest HCSO substation. HCSO deputies will then periodically drive by your home to make sure there are no cars in the driveway that shouldn’t be there and that no one is at your home that shouldn’t be there. This is just another way we’re looking out for you. 
     Humble Substation 
    7900 Will Clayton Pkwy.
    Humble, TX 77338
    (District II)
  • How do I set up a Vacation Watch with Montgomery Co. SO?
    Your request must be for a minimum of 2 consecutive days with a maximum of 30 consecutive days, during which the residence must be completely unoccupied.  Any breaks in time, for example, where you intend to return home for a weekend then leave again, constitute separate “vacations” and must be submitted on separate forms.  Any watch requests for more than 30 days will be rejected. If you wish to request a vacation watch and meet the requirements, please fill the form out completely then submit. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to extend the vacation watch. You will receive confirmation once your request has been received.
    *Vacation Watch will be completed by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division. The frequency of these checks will be dependent upon the call loads in the Patrol District in which you reside. Active calls for service will take precedence.
  • How do I set up garbage pickup for my new residence?
    Regular garbage pickup is contracted through our HOA and is paid within your monthly Kings Manor MUD water bill. Service days are Monday and Thursday. You should not put out trash before Sunday for Monday pickup and Wednesday for Thursday pickup. Flagrant violations will result in citing. 
    Trash cans must be put up promptly in garages or behind fences on the day of pickup. You may not store your garbage cans on your driveway or beside your home.
    Curbside recycling is not available in the subdivision at this time, but collection centers are available at Kings Manor Elementary, the Fire station on Kingwood Drive and at the Kingwood Park and Ride.
    To contact Waste Management, call 936.441.8014.
  • What are the requirements and guidelines when making changes or improvements to my property?
    The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) must approve any exterior changes to your property BEFORE the work begins.  Some exceptions may apply. Submit the Architectural Review Application. For additional questions, contact Laurie DeRoberts at 281.463.1777.
  • What if I have questions about community services?
    Toni Ryan is our "go to" person for information about services such as trash and landscaping in our community. Laurie DeRoberts is the contact for deed restrictions.  You may contact each at 281.500.7134.
  • Who are are the HOA members?
    All property owners in Kings Manor are members of the HOA and have the right to enjoy the common areas within the community. Common areas refer to land owned by the Association such as land in and around the pool, the basketball court, playgrounds, walkways, community entrances, lake in Waterford, natural areas along the roadways and Parkside.
    The maintenance of common areas throughout the community is the responsibility of the Association. Please do not remove or install plants, foliage, trees, grass or other improvement/changes to any common area. This includes benches, chairs, birdhouses and fountains. If you would like to donate an improvement, contact Terrie Sullivan with SCS Management Services. 
    Monthly inspections of the residences in Kings Manor and Parkside are conducted on a by a representative of SCS Management Services, monitoring compliance with Deed Restrictions and Covenants. Your cooperation and participation to keep our community a place we are proud to call "home" is greatly appreciated. Homeowners in violation of Deed Restrictions or Covernants will be notified by mail
    The Board of Directors represents the Association, elected for three-year terms at the annual meeting each March. They are unpaid residents who volunteer to represent the community. Current members are:
    • President Jim Bearden
    • Vice President Cindy Reeves
    • Treasurer Antonio Claros
    • Board Member Jim Koester
    • Board Member Debbie Pilcher
  • Who do I contact to rent the Club House?
    Kings Manor's Club House is managed by KM resident Dawn Humphrey. She may be contacted by email.
  • Who should I call about landscaping issues?
    The entrances, cul de sacs, parks and green trails are maintained by a firm hired by the HOA Board of Directors. Contact Toni Ryan with questions or comments at 281.500.7134.