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Patrol Issues

The following points are being brought to you by our neighborhood patrol, headed up by Deputy Jose Amstutz. He can be contacted by email.
  • October 30: A posting today on from a South WoodlandHills resident. In light of the burglary in Kings Manor on Monday and the burglary/shooting in Walden, Lake Houston Wednesday, we all need to be paying attention to what is going on in the neighborhood and urging everyone to lock up everything, hide anything in their cars, and to be careful! 

    "Last night at 12:15, while sitting on the couch someone tried to open my front door. Startled, I got up to look and there was a man steadily trying to get into my front door. After awaking my husband, calling the cops and basically waiting for him to break down the door or glass...a car drove past and he ran off. 
    This person took our motion censored lights out on our driveway and broke into my car. He did not get anything (probably because he didn't have a need for hair bows and kids toys) but he threw the papers from my glove box and console all over the car. 
    His lack of fear is concerning in my opinion, he turned on the light in my car, took the lights out on the driveway before trying to get in and hit my door at least 6-8 times. Enough times for me to wake my husband, get a gun and call 911. Please be aware. We did file a report with HPD, but even though it took them less than 5 minutes to get to us...he was long gone!"
  • November 15:  Do not carry large sums of cash, or a purse or wallet that can easily be grabbed. Large wallets that protrude out of the back pocket and handbags that cannot be secured are prime targets while you are shopping or walking to and from your vehicle. Make sure that all valuables have been removed from your vehicle before leaving home. Be mindful of your parking spot and park as close as possible to the doors. It is much safer to shop in the day time hours but if you cannot avoid being out at night, make sure you park in a well-lit, high-traffic area. LOCK your car and TAKE your keys. The failure to do these two things just enhanced your chances of becoming a victim. Walk in and out of the shopping center with other shoppers, and if you feel vulnerable at all, wait until someone is walking in or have a security guard escort you. Do not take packages to your car and then return to shopping. Thieves watch the parking lot for this type of activity and target vehicles with valuables inside. Packages should be secured in the vehicle trunk only before leaving to go home or to another shopping center. You do not want to arrive at another shopping center and be seen hiding and arranging your packages. When at a fueling station, do not leave your vehicle unlocked, not even while pumping gas. Thieves can gain access to a vehicle and snatch valuables inside in a matter of seconds. Children should NEVER be left unattended. When banking, make sure that you are aware of your surroundings when returning to the parking lot and watch to make sure you are not being followed. Thieves have followed banking patrons to their next destination which has resulted in both robberies of the person and burglaries of the vehicles. At home, park your vehicle in your garage. This significantly protects your vehicle from thieves. It only takes a few minutes for a criminal to break into your vehicle and take valuables and/or equipment. Never leave your garage door opener inside your vehicle. By doing so, you give criminals access to your home. â€‹
  • January 30, 2015: Patrol reminds everyone to be proactive against car thieves and burglars. Make sure you take your personal belongings from your car when you park at night... especially firearms. Make sure you lock your vehicle even when in the driveway. If your garage door is open, your car should be locked. This area of Kingwood has seen a rash of car burglaries lately and MOST are crimes of convenience... the owner left the doors unlocked and valuables in sight. If they don't find easy targets in Kings Manor, they will look elsewhere.