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Thanks, Charlotte Schmidt!!
Posted on Sep 12th, 2016 Comments (0)
The Kings Manor HOA Board would like to thank Charlotte Schmidt for planning and hosting the recent Labor Day End of Summer Party  Despite the weather it turned out well and attendees had a good time!  Those who helped Charlotte plan the party were  Erick, Amber, Matthew, Stephen Schmidt and Wendy Thurley.  Those who helped host are Khalida, Abas and Yaseen Noor. Thanks to neighborhood boys who helped carry everything in to the clubhouse - Justin Cossey, Carlos Norman and Matthew Schmidt. Finally, thanks to Clubhouse Manager Stacey Sims who was available to open the clubhouse when the weather turned nasty, bringing the party inside.
This was our first party in a couple of years and we appreciate Charlotte's hard work and enthusiasm. 
Clubhouse Manager Stacey Sims is ready for you
Posted on Aug 16th, 2016 Comments (0)
The Kings Manor Clubhouse is managed by resident Stacey Sims. She will help you with your rental questions if you are interested in renting our facilities. She can be contacted by phone at 281-793-3559 or by email.  
Pool tag registration
Posted on Jul 15th, 2016 Comments (0)
Kingwood Drive lights in danger
Posted on Jul 8th, 2016 Comments (0)
We are not in the City of Houston, but Kings Manor will definitely be impacted by this action to remove lights on Kingwood Drive.
From Councilman Dave Martin's Office:
Beginning on Monday, July 11 the City of Houston Public Works and Engineering Department (PWE) will begin placing traffic control modification advisory signage along Royal Forest Drive and Kingwood Drive in advance of phase two of the Royal Forest Drive Traffic Signal Removal study.
Phase one of this study began in March of this year with a traffic study conducted by PWE at the intersections of Kingwood Drive at Loop 494, Royal Forest Drive (road that goes into Randall's shopping center), Chestnut Ridge (road that is by Steinmart), Green Oak (the road by Starbucks)as well as Rockmead Drive(connecting road of Royal Forest and Chestnut Ridge)  and Rock Falls (exit from Kings Manor). The purpose of phase one of the study was to evaluate the possible removal of the traffic signal at Kingwood Drive and Royal Forest Drive to improve the overall traffic progression in the area. Phase one of the study has now been completed and Public Works and Engineering is preparing to begin phase two, which is to turn off the traffic signal at Royal Forest Drive.
Traffic signals can remedy many safety and operational problems at intersections. However, signals can also adversely affect intersections and overall areas. It is possible that a signal may no longer be warranted due to changes in traffic conditions or original unsuitable conditions such as geometric characteristics and/or proximity to other signalized intersections or facilities.
During phase two of the study, which begins on Monday, August 1 and ends Friday, September 30, the existing traffic signal will not be operational and instead, stop signs will be placed on both approaches on Royal Forest. Traffic on Kingwood drive will NOT stop at this intersection during this study and should continue through the intersection as if there were no signal. The westbound left turn lane on Kingwood Drive will be closed while the left turn movement will be allowed from the existing far left through lane.
Proper warning and regulatory signage will be in place at and in advance to the intersection to properly inform roadway users of these temporary modifications. In case of any immediate negative findings during the first portion of phase two of the study, normal signalized control can be restored if determined that is necessary. Our office has coordinated with the Houston Police Department and requested a Mobile Response Team to monitor this area as an added safety measure for the first week of phase two implementation. This is only a study as PWE will use the data to determine the feasibility of removing this signal on a permanent basis. Our goal is to decrease the amount of congestion between US HWY 59 to Green Oak Drive that exists during morning and evening peak hours.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss more in detail the scope of this study, please feel free to forward your comments to the Traffic Hotline at (832) 395-3000 or or email
Kings Manor Water Billing Facts
Posted on Oct 1st, 2015 Comments (0)
There has been a great deal of discussion on Houston area water bills including those of Kings Manor. The discussion has been fueled with a lot of rumors and misstatements and the Board asked the MUD to help clarify the issue, the billing components and the fee schedules.  Thanks to the MUD Board for their help in preparing the attached document, and a special thanks to resident and MUD Board member Make Ates for his oversight.
School Bus laws
Posted on Aug 23rd, 2015 Comments (0)
With school starting back in the neighborhood tomorrow, August 24, remember that means school buses, too.  If you are unsure about when to stop for buses stopping to pick up or deposit kids, check the picture provided by our patrol officers. School bus law
Patrol needs help in identification of truck driver
Posted on Jul 1st, 2015 Comments (0)
Patrol and the MC Sheriff's Office are asking for our help identifying the driver of a truck with a very loud exhaust that comes into the subdivision on Royal Crossing and turns onto N. Kings Manor Dr.  I believe the vehicle then continues to Manor Falls, where it turns and races up Knights Cove to the back of the subdivision. The complainant notes that the vehicle has been heard between 5-8 pm and if it's the same vehicle, I have heard it in the early morning hours. From sound, it seems the truck is accelerating down the street at a higher than safe speed considering its summer and kids and families are out.  If you have information, please contact
Flushable does not mean biodegradable
Posted on Mar 19th, 2015 Comments (0)
Great story from the New York Times about the damages done to our wastewater tratment plants by so called "flushable" wipes.
Crime Prevention Tip
Posted on Feb 6th, 2015 Comments (0)
Identity Theft has been on a rise recently. Protect your personal information. File a police report as soon as someone has used your information for either employment or false tax filings.

Useful identity theft prevention information can be found at

**Every year, everyone is allowed 1 free credit report at NO cost. This is a federal law. or call 1-877-322-8228.
Crime Stats 2015
Posted on Feb 6th, 2015 Comments (0)
The follows stats are prepared by our HOA patrol based on reports and activities.
Crime stats 2014
Posted on Nov 4th, 2014 Comments (0)
Each month the Kings Manor Patrol sends up crime stats for the calls that were answered during the month. they are posted for your information at this site.
Newsletters 2014
Posted on Nov 1st, 2014 Comments (0)